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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Classroom "Must Haves"

I am linking up with Primary Possibilities for Wednesday Wisdom. The theme this week is your must haves in the classroom! Here are a few of mine.

1. I  have an extra large tervis cup of water (the new water bottle tervis is my favorite!), but sometime during my day, I have a Dr. Pepper (she has tried to downsize to the half-can size) 


2. Ladybug document camera. I was honestly a bit intimidated by this at first but it is awesome and one of the easiest pieces of technology to use. I know I need to learn more than the basic uses, but you can turn it on and start using immediately.
 3. Premade supply boxes of pencil boxes with supplies. This way when Johnny walks in on day 24 with no supplies I am not digging thru cabinets to find him crayons and then glue, etc. All necessary supplies are right there. I have seen several pins on the new student bags and plan to try this for this year also. The bag has the name labels for all around the room, a welcome letter, and other needed items for a new student.
4. Line Order!!! Ever listen to the no I was here first crying sniffling argument? Well I haven't since I started using line order!! Day 1 the kids have an order. I do boys line/girls line (easier for bathroom breaks). Then everyone has a spot. At the end of the week the line leader goes to the end and everyone moves up. Sometimes small adjustments are necessary when 2 talkers are next to each other but the kids adjust to it! I print the line order out and hang it up but I also print a mini version and use packing tape to cover it and put it on the back of my id badge. That way when you are on the playground and no one remembers where to line up, you have it right there without carrying around a big paper!
I am sure I have a dozen more necessary things but when your not in the trenches at the moment its hard to think of all the things you deem critical!!

What are your must haves? Or any suggestions on how I can make my must haves even better??

Much Love,
Autumn & Ruth



  1. For lining up, I used to have numbers on the floor and every child would get on their number. I love being able to say line order on a field trip and they all know where to stand! But the last few years I've run out of room to put the numbers down (not to mention that the custodian hates that). So we just line up on our carpet. If they get on their own square and I have them next to others that they do well with, then the line order works well also.

    1. That would be great to have enough space to have the spots on the floor! I don't have the space and I think you're right the custodians would not love!! LOL