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Monday, July 29, 2013

Monday Made It

Hi all just made it back from Dallas and visiting friends!! What a great trip! Mom is headed to KC to visit and help get my classroom set up and here are a few of the crafts that she got put together to bring with her! So we are linking up with Tara at 4th grade frolics to share! Go check out all of the super creative teachers over there!

Summer "Tea-riffic" packets with tagged water bottles. In place of ribbon, she upcycled and used some of her t-shirt ribbons. I always have to have a straw so the mom that spoils me added straws too. Planning to make a few more to give to my teacher friends at my school! Click on the picture to get the free printable to make some for your friends.

Then she hooked up this really cute clipboard! Cheap deal! Mom got tons of the clipboards from the resale shops so that we could make them cute! She paid .25 for each of them!! Great place to check for clip boards.

 Now a few more cute cute cute pretties for my class! I have mainly black and then bright primary colors. So the crayons, markers, and colored pencils go perfect! She up-cycled a glass jar by putting crayons all around! 

Then she found a bright red frame at the resale shop for .50 and then added new colored pencils! Then she put in the picture of my sweet girl in her Pete the Cat outfit from when she helped me introduce Eric Litwin at the CYY conference!!!

So there are our crafty made it's for Monday! Hopefully we inspired someone! Don't forget the "tea" freebie! Make your friends feel appreciated!

Anyone else have a great way to use crayons or markers to decorate?

Mom gets here tomorrow so hopefully we will have lots more to share later this week!!

Much Love, Autumn & Ruth

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