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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Veteran's Day & Thanksgiving

I am sure most of you know today is Veteran's Day! My step son is in the Air Force stationed in England! I am so proud of how hard he works and that he felt called to be a part of keeping our nation what it is! Luckily he has not yet been in the line of fire! (I hope we keep it that way!) In order to help you share with your kiddos, mom & I put together a few activities to help there are 5 Veteran's Day song posters (1 original), counting by 2's math paper, counting by 5's paper, coloring sheet by sight words with traceable sentence, and a poppy art project. All activities are aligned to the CCSS.
Pick up the activities here for just $1.50!

We also added some Thanksgiving Math to compliment the ELA activities that we had. Here is what is included:
These Thanksgiving activities all have the CCSS standard listed individually on each paper.There are whole group and center activities included.
•10 Frame Write the Room & Recording Sheet. K.CC.4
•Number Cards 1-30 Use for Calendar or to order in a center.
•Roll & Graph Activity: Use in a center or print multiple dice and use in small groups. K.CC.6
•Turkey Addition K.OA.5
•Fill in the missing number (3 sheets) K.CC.2
•Color by Addition K.OA.1

Go check it out! Just $2.00

In other news how is your weather? I am in the midwest and it is COLD! I made a big pot of Chicken Curry with Roti for afternoon dinner.. And our fireplace has been on since we got home from church! It's cold and wet here!

Tomorrow we have to turn in our lesson plans to be reviewed by our principal and instructional coach. Although I have done pretty well(this year) about having my lesson plans out (thanks to the pinterest plate display idea) I kind of dread turning them in! Feels like they will be picked apart.. My plans are pretty simple. How about yours? Do you have to turn in regularly?
So I must now get off pinterest, TPT, facebook and the like and do previously mentioned plans (unless one of you has great ones you want to loan me) LOL! Have a great week 7 teaching days for me the THANKSGIVING!!! YEAH

Lastly, here is my super cute turkey outside of my door. I made it then and my friend Stacie put it up for me! YEAH what a great friend!
Get it I named her CC(Common Core) Turkey!

BIG Turkey!

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