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Friday, November 16, 2012

Hanukah is coming

Good news is when it is raining I get inside work done. I completed "Happy Hanukah Bundle". 
But as I started to look for our Hanukah decorations, I could not find them. No menorah or dreidels. It has got to be here somewhere, but it was not in Thanksgiving box or Christmas things. Knowing my luck it will turn up in July decorations. But I did get in attic to put away Halloween.
I made edible dreidels and took photos, then Bert ate the pretzels and chocolate kisses and threw away the marshmallows.

This is the bundle of  all things hanukah! All of the items are aligned to the CCSS and it is shown on the bottom of each page! We are also separating them into a Math and a ELA pieces. So here is a link to the bundle! Will add link to the pieces when we get them loaded up!
Hanukah begins December 8 and lasts to December 16th. Please enjoy and let us know if there is anything else that we could help you with on teaching your class about Hanukah. Wish we could come make latkes in each of your classrooms!

Much Love Ruth & Autumn

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