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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Making Subtraction Real

So my unique group of kiddos this year are having a super hard time identifying numbers. The weird part is they are catching on quickly to subtraction..... Well we do a daily review sheet all sorts of kindergarten math skills are on it. I started telling a silly story in passing to help make the subtraction problem real. Such as Sara has 5 dogs Tim came over and borrowed 3 of her dogs. How many dogs does Sara have left at her house? I always use my kiddos names in the story! They LOVE this part! So they get it. Now to create my own addition that is that interesting..... On the review paper the addition is just dots!
Anyone have any great tips for helping with number recognition?? Especially those pesky teens?

Much Love

My momma(nana) arrives today and I'm so happy!!


  1. I don't teach math (I'm a reading specialist),but my kinder son learned number recognition from a wooden calendar made by Melissa and Doug. He plays with it every day! I came over from the TpT forums and am your newest follower! Lauren Teacher Mom of 3

  2. Thanks Lauren!! I do have some number puzzles! Think I'll pull thme out and have the kids using them! Great idea! Thanks for following I'll check your store & blog as well!!