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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Harvest, Fall, Autumn, and Halloween

So I spent most of the rainy day yesterday working on finishing up several items! I have my Common Core Math Activities in 2 versions. One is Halloween themed and the other has a AUTUMN theme! Most of the activities are very similar so you could easily use both of them to repeat and continue working on the same skills. I set these sheets up in the way that my district is currently testing these skills. If there is a different way you would like to see the worksheet please share! Each of the worksheets have the common core standard at the bottom of the page. In the Autumn Math I included a letter that I sent home on Friday to my families asking for them to collect leaves. We are then going to make a class graph out of these and I included an individual graph. Also with this there is a sheet to answer questions about the graph.

I also finished up my Autumn Activities and Songs. This unit includes an original song by my mom!!!(Ruth-Nana) Her song is all about the life cycle of a pumpkin. I have also included a poster of the pumpkin life cycle and a worksheet for students to do about the life cycle. Finally there is a set of vocabulary cards and several other songs & literacy activities.

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***Thanks MM for your proofreading AMAZINGness!

Much Love!
Autumn & Ruth

As a side note the main reason I created this graphing activity was because I had used a similar one and the assistant superintendent complemented that one, since I live on compliments I thought this would be a great chance to do the same type thing again!

I mean its all about the learning that kids get not me being complimented LOL....

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