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Friday, March 3, 2017

VIPkid My New Job!

By now some of you may have heard of VIPkid. In case you haven't it is an online teaching platform. They are currently hiring US teachers to teach Chinese students one on one online. One of the newest changes is that there are no minimums that you have to teach. You can teach as many or as few hours as you would like. 

Each class is 25 minutes and you get paid per class. There are a few incentives which allow you to make more but the per class pay is $7-$11 per class so that usually comes out to at least $20+ per hour. 

The interview process is pretty simple and very straight forward. The lessons are all prepared and taught in a power point style format.  This is also how the additional mock classes as well as the future classes you will teach are set up. So very little prep for you.

In order to work for VIPkid you must have a bachelors degree and some experience with teaching kids. 

Once hired you set your schedule and it can change every week. Now is a great time to get started, especially if you would like to teach more in the summer. This time will allow you to start getting familiar with the process, then open up more available spots this summer. 

If you think this would interest you, here is a link for you to get some more information.  I do get a little $ if you use my link. If you use my link I would love to help you in any way through this process! Also feel free to email me if you have questions or leave your email and I will send you more information!

Click here!

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