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Monday, August 8, 2016

So many supplies!

At my school there are 2 extremes! You either get very few supplies or you get LOTS of supplies. Well there were several years that I spent running around very chaotically trying to get those without supplies a few things and then trying to figuring our how to store the over abundance of supplies. I have finally found the best way to organize it all. Well, unless you have unlimited help in your classroom and if that is your case then just let someone else deal with the headache!

STEP 1. Before anyone arrives in your class take a gallon size zip lock bag and put each students name on one. Then I put the bags on their spots at their table.

STEP 2. Have large buckets, containers, or at least spots for the supplies. I always have a large rubber maid container for the individual supplies(this is where the zip lock bags will go). Then I have the other containers for the community supplies. ie wipes, kleenex, bags etc,

STEP 3. Collect all the community items or have each table group go deposit each community item in the appropriate spot. I also suggest writing on your board what you want where. I always start with the items I want in their box then the items that go in the bag and finally the items that are community supplies.

STEP 4. Fill their box with Crayons(for K I prefer only 8), 2 pencils, scissors, glue/glue sticks. The extras of these items should then go into the bag that has their name on it.

STEP 5. I always have multiple boxes prepped and ready. I always have 2-5 kids that come in with no supplies. So this way I can say here is your box. I also keep a few ready for children that show up mid year!

Hopefully you can learn from my struggle! Let me know if you have a tip that works that is tried and true!

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