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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Making handwriting so much easier

A few years ago someone somewhere way higher up than me decided that properly made letters was a BIG deal. Although I was not so sure (okay I actually complained the ENTIRE time) I did what I was told and spent our specified morning time forcing allowing my class to work on correctly forming letters. In an attempt to not make it too painful I created sheets that provided a place to practice and use proper instruction! I started using this to practice with my class. I chose to use the step by step directions that my Reading Recovery teacher gave me. This way I was able to use tested methods and know that I was teaching them the best way to form each letter. 

Recently I updated this to include a whole page with directions for all capital and a sheet with all lowercase letters. I found it a great resource to send home with parents so they were seeing and using the same language at home. I also created a form to be able to test them on their progress. This way I had that "super fun"(NOT) but necessary paper trail. So I created this freebie so you could grab the test! 
Hope you enjoy! I would love any feedback!!!

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