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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

October is here!!

Time for bats, ghosts, and pumpkins! This also means it is time to link up with Farley for Currently on the 1st!!

1. Listening: I am listening to the voice. Nothing is on tonight and I've been home sick so I am sick of TV!!
2. Loving: My new instagram friends! I have gotten such great new ideas! I swear 5 times a day I say "on instagram they------"
3. Thinking: All the new fall shows make me much less productive! I have things I want to get done on the computer and things I want to do with the little miss, but they suck me in and then I am forced to watch! LOL anyone else have a TV problem? (Not tonight)
4. Wanting: My daughter to be Doc McStuffins for Halloween, but no she want to be a ghost. Really a ghost? She wants me to be a "light" WHAT? How am I suppose to be a light? The 3 year old mind...Guess I need to get to work on a ghost costume!
5. Needing: To feel well so I don't have to miss another day! I hate missing school, especially when I don't feel like everything was in order for a sub. Luckily I got a sub I am familiar with and she is a super awesome retired teacher!!!
6. Trick or Treat: 2 treats! 1. We will be doing another iTunes card giveaway on instagram when we get to 150 followers!! Second treat leave a comment here and I will give a random person our new improved Autumn Songs & Activities!

Thanks Color me Kinder< Hope you don't mind I borrowed your idea!
Much Love, Autumn & Ruth


  1. I have no idea who Doc McStuffins is... I'm off to google. And, a ghost costume is easy! I think you got off easy. Although, you're work is cut out for you on the whole light thing....

    1. Doc mcstuffins is awesome! Yes I do think the costume will be easy! Please send me your email so I can send you my fall set! Please give me any feedback!

  2. I'm so agreeing with you and INSTAGRAM. I love love love it!! I just became your newest followers on there.

    One Fab Teacher

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