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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Summer is Around the Corner!

It seems that we all missed Spring this year, but Summer is around the corner. Whether there is not enough time for you to finish everything you wanted to complete this year, or there is too much time and you are ready to break immediately; Summer is coming!
As a Nana, I can hardly wait. I started booking airline flights for my two children's families to fly to the island to visit for 6 days.

I love seeing everyone maturing in their own way. Beginning with my own 2 children who respect me and their step-dad. It is interesting to watch. They know that they always have my love so they do not fixate on me, but they are still wanting to please their step-dad. No, I am not a psychologist and could be totally wrong, but that is what I think I see.

Then there are my grandchildren growing up quickly. Our 2's  are both turning 3. They are cousins and do a decent job of sharing. But it is interesting to watch the personalities and behaviors. Breakfast routines, food preferences, nap times, bed times, vocabularies, scribbling writing, songs and rhythms, .....

It is a time for me to sit and remember and be able to do all the observing any teacher could want. Take time to enjoy your family this summer or break. They are only here a lifetime, which really is not long enough.

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