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Monday, December 17, 2012

Snowman Freebie & New Snowiness

I am addidng a link in here to Frebielicious for their 1st of the month Freebie Linky!!!! Tons of great stuff. Go check it out!

Hi all! We are here with heavy hearts and trying to finish up the last 2 days with these kiddos! Just want to have fun and enjoy the time! I was home with my own sick little fancy miss. Tomorrow she goes back to daycare(which she calls home). I will be headed back to my class! I suppose all this mess and sadness makes me want to show just a little more love to each one of them! Anyhow.....Here is a little math Snowman fun so you will be all set to fire up the learning in January! I also put together a domino addition freebie! It includes a write the room domino addition and a worksheet for the kids to draw dominos and write the answer! Let me know what you think! My class is loving anything write the room! So I am trying to oblige!
Here is the Freebie!
Good luck with your last few days and if you are already on break I am REALLY jealous!
Much Love,
Autumn & Ruth

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