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Sunday, September 23, 2012

How LOW can we go?

New year, new kids!
This year I have a unique group of kiddos! The good news, they LOVE to play and dance and sing! Bad news, they came to me without many school "skills" so I have had to stop and restart how to approach the year! Many of the skills that my group usually starts the year with are not there this year! Now this would be NO problem for me if we were not under such pressure to achieve! How are the motor skills in your class?

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  1. As you well know Autumn, it means more fingerplays and Playdoh/clay. Your post made me recall my own kindergarten years. I did not go to kindergarten because,I had a stay at home mom and a younger brother. But as the weather cooled off and we stayed inside more, out came the flour board and the large ugly gray clay. Mom would divide the clay and warm it up for us to manipulate a tiny bit. We did good to make "snakes" and "balls". That is where our creativity stopped. Maybe because she did not directly control our play. So when our muscles were tired, we quit.
    But I recall at Sunday School they had bright yellow Playdoh. So today I started invesitgating Playdoh. It came about in 1956 from teachers in Cincinnati using it(a wall paper cleaning product)in their classrooms. It was at a 1956 Educational Exhibition. Once again way to go teachers!!