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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Made it Monday- Kind of

We are joining Made It Monday Linky.
Being retired gives me time to try to make crafts that I find on Pinterest. But no one seems to talk about the crafts that don't mention the projects that did not work for them.
Old Decorative Block

  So, I had some old decorative blocks around the house and thought I would make my grandson a block with his last name on it. I wanted to do it in his school colors which are yellow and blue.
1. I painted the whole block yellow.
2. Printed off a pattern for his name.
3. Attached name to block.
4. Painted over it in brown (I did not have blue in my paints.).
5. Went to take off name pattern and globs of brown paint came off and you could not read the name.
6. I sanded all of brown off and waiting.!!!!!!!
Painted over stencil.

Then I had collected idea to take  old sweaters, cut them and make textured colored pumpkins filled with rice.  I got 50 cents sweaters at my resale shop and cut off the cuffs.

Orange cuff  sewed straight.
When I filled it with rice and tied off, It looked like a bean bag not a pumpkin.  So the next one, I tried to sew more curved and then fill.
 This did help, but they did not look like what I had imagined. I had given one to the resale lady. She told me it was fun to sit and handle. So I guess they are good stress releasers!
Rice Pumpkins

 My collection of pumpkins- square bottom and round bottomed.

I am glad that Autumn had better luck with her talents.

***CLOSE Reading is a huge push in my district! So I have been working on several items for Non-Fiction Close readings on fall animals! I have Raccoons, Squirrels, and Skunks!!

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  1. Ha. Good for you that you share the mistakes along the way-- that's how we learn :) Newest follower. Kathleen
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