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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Addictive personality? Anyone else?

Ok I have and addictive personality. I am admitting this here and will likely deny this sometime in the near future! I have become addicted to Jamberry! If you haven't heard of them yet they are they newest thing in nails! They are vinyl nail adhesives that are way better than any store brand out there!! Well I have been spending a ton of time getting all of that up and going! So I have been neglecting my blog. So here it is Wednesday night and yet again no WOW Wednesday. Well I should tell you I was having trouble keeping up and there was not a huge participation, so I decided to cut it down to once a month. So the 3rd Wednesday of each month I will post and host a WOW Wednesday but it is WIDE open! Please add any great idea you have had all month and link it up here!
So just grab the picture and link your idea up below! So just to clarify from now on there will only be 1 linky a month. On the 3rd Wednesday!
So last week we had our math night and I made an activity for a QR code math scavenger hunt. I divided it K-1, 2-3, 4-5 so the kids took a clip board to record answers and an ipad so they could scan and record their answers. It was a huge hit. I did each QR code individually but have since learned I should've gone to QR scavenger hunt and it would've been much faster. Anyone else have Math or ELA family nights? Any great activities for those?
Much Love Autumn & Ruth 


  1. Thanks for hosting a linky! I just linked up! Yeyyy!

  2. I am finally back and missed the linky but I linked my page here for you. : )