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Thursday, March 28, 2013

So Much Progress!

So we are in 4th quarter now! I feel like this group of kiddos has had an enormous amount of progress! They were slow starters but boy once they got up and going they haven't slowed down for a minute! It is so much fun when they get to this point. We have been doing so many fun projects! This week of course we have been concentrating on chick, bunny, & egg stuff! I created a little packet to assist in practicing on their addition and subtraction and they have loved using all of the papers and the centers in that packet!
This group of kids definitely loves "Math Journals" I think it feels like a big kid activity to them! I loved there little chick drawings! Aren't they cute?
You can get these activities in our TPT store! We are really rocking out on addition but subtraction is not as solid. What are you all doing to move along their subtraction?
Much Love, Autumn & Ruth


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