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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Party Update etc....

So we had an all Polar party! We all wore our jammies. We made reindeer food, watched Polar Express and ate all of our yummy treats! Then we played games!! My class had so much fun!! Again we have Mimi that takes care of our parties! She made re steak the show train cake and also had the games ready to go! My class loved the unwrap musical box! Mimi wrapped a box of candy canes with 25 pieces of different wrapping paper. If the music stopped on you, then you unwrapped a layer and received a cute plastic cup. Then we knew who had a turn. No one was out, all kids kept passing. They just got 1 turn to unwrap!
This was probably my best party ever...(maybe because so little was expected of me)!!! Lol.
Fun stuff coming for the new year! Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! I hear we have snow coming tomorrow!!

Please ignore the mess behind me! Need to make resolution to deal with my chaos!!

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